120 Club Member Become a Heal For Life WA 120 Club Member. Your generous contribution of $1000.00 is deeply appreciated and will go towards sponsoring a place at our next healing week for a person who has suffered from trauma and abuse.

Child abuse is the most costly and destructive issue in Australia and costs the community over $1.3 billion dollars each year (The Australian 22 Nov 2012). "in Australia, during 2012-13, there were 272,980 notifications of suspected child abuse and neglect made to state and territory authorities". (AIHW Nov 2014)

  • 92% of heroin addicts and 94% of amphetamine users have suffered trauma. (NARDC, 2004)
  • 79.9 % of people diagnosed with depression have suffered some form of trauma. (Moskvina, Farmer, Swainson, et al. 2007)
  • 68.8% of psychiatric in-patients have suffered from child sexual or physical abuse (Read, van Os, Morrison, and Ross, 2005)
  • Child sexual abuse has been found to be a key factor in the cause and continuation of youth homelessness (Van Loon and Kralik, 2005).

Heal For Life Foundation is a not-for-profit volunteer organisation has been empowering survivors to heal themselves from the devastating effects of trauma and abuse. Our programs are run by survivors for survivors and are evidence-based – backed by research.

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